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The new Philips Performer Compact vacuum cleaner delivers top cleaning performance with minimum effort. AirflowMax technology keeps the suction power stronger for longer. The ExtraClean nozzle removes dust efficiently on all floors.
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Philips FC8385/01 Vacuum Cleaner: 

  1. 2000 W
  2. Super Clean Air filter
  3. 3L

Remarkable cleaning results

  • 2000 W motor for strong suction power
  • Revolutionary AirflowMax technology for strong suction power
  • New ExtraClean nozzle for thorough cleaning on all floors

Effortless cleaning 

  • Long reach tool for difficult to access areas
  • On-board accessories for ultimate convenience
  • ActiveLock couplings to easily adjust to each cleaning task
  • Compact and light for effortless cleaning and easy storage

Clean air filter system 

  • Super Clean Air filter for dust-free, healthy air
  • S-bag Classic Long Performance lasts up to 50% longer


Cord length
5 m
Noise Level
83 dB
Action Radius
8 m
Dust Capacity
3 L
Device weight
4.5 kg
Suction power
375 W


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